Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today's Tip: How to pose in a photograph

Today's Tip: How to pose in a photograph. 1. For the ladies: put more weight on your back hip; while pivoting the font leg toward photographer (this will give you that nice curvy outline) 2. Smile: push your tongue to the back of your teeth (this will make your smile look genuine). 3. Where to place the hands: make them look natural in front of the body, hand(s) on hip(s)-never behind the body to avoid phantom arms. For great example of how to pose check out Paris Hilton (although I don't care for her she has mastered the art of posing and posing often!)4. Experiment with your feet. If wearing heels try slightly crossing the ankles. However, be careful that this doesn't look forced. 5. To avoid having too much flesh in the chin area: inhale through the chest, relax the shoulders back, chin up, neck long.

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