Monday, June 29, 2009

Today's Tip: How to take a close up

1. Like any other photo you take, simplify.  2. Fill the photo with your subject.  3. Sharp focus is a must.  Al lot of new digital cameras have a close up feature and/or an excellent automatic focus. If in doubt, always go with the automatic focus when picking a focal point on your subject. 4. Try shooting your subject from different angles. If you are looking for a deep saturation of the colors, use front lighting.  If you would like t bring out the texture of your subject, use side lighting. 5. Due to the narrow depth of field, the background will usually be thrown completely out of focus, which allows the natural background to be a nice backdrop,. Just make sure you don't have anything too distracting in the back that is recognizable (branches, cigarette buts, a dog, etc). The close up feature does this automatically without setting the f-stop--it can instantly turn your snapshot into a professional looking shot!

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